June 23, 2024 Poetry

Sunny, Confused, Ice Cream

Sunny, Confused, Ice Cream Artwork by DALLE
And now the sun appears 
– an arrogant schoolboy staring 
through my window – What 
am I doing?  Just looking. he says. 
You know him – belligerent 
student, schoolyard bully, 
“Born to hang” my high school 
teaching father would have said.
Now, of course, it’s most apt 
to shoot up a school, 
supermarket, workplace.
The sun is out.  We try not to draw 
too much attention, hide under hats, 
sunscreen, behind curtains, under 
awnings designed for hiding, 
school desks, 
church pews, 
break rooms.

 And lovers in the secret sheets of night
  “You preach to me of laws, you tie my limbs” Iris Tree
Night is the great enabler.  
She knows those things 
we might not do in the light 
of day.  She is the reason 
for local curfews and why 
parents want the inherently 
promiscuous in by 10:00.
So much theft, so many hearts, 
even big city crime lights 
can’t stop this smash and grab 
of emotion – love and lust 
confused for each other 
so often in the sheltering dark.

Ice cream 
That girl in the tank top 
and apron, in the ice cream 
shop, Foundry Day festival. 
She was death.  She gave me 
an extra scoop for being old 
– chocolate chip cookie dough 
– my favorite.  Slightly older 
than my eldest granddaughter.  
Enjoy it. she said and winked.